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Elevate Your Digital Presence With Digital VineYard

Data-driven strategies to boost your business. Don't get left behind in our ever evolving digital world!


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Property Development & Real Estate Company

Digital Vineyard supported us with the upgrading of our website. They built us a smoother website which is now more search engine optimised than out previous website. They also supported us by setting up ads which have lead to us receiving more leads.



Non-profit Charity Supporting Local Communities

Digital Vineyard have drastically improved the SEO on our website with the on-page & off-page SEO work they do for us. They have also increased our reach and visibility on social media since taking over our social media management.

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Newka Designs

Women's Fashion Brand

Digital Vineyard improved our website and customer UX by giving us a website update. They regularly manage and update our Shopify website to maintain the smooth feel of our website. They have also taken over our social media accounts and manage all our accounts. Since doing this, we have seen our social media reach improve as well as gained organic and loyal followers.

Client Reviews

Our Approach

How We Do What We Do



We arrange a discovery meeting with you where we learn about your business objectives and identify which services we feel will most benefit you.

We will then create a proposal listing all the actions we feel you are currently missing out on.

Once you decide on which actions you would like us to support you with, our team of experienced experts will then begin to put together plans for each action on how we intend to implement the actions.


Once we have discussed the plan with you and you are happy with our strategy, we will then begin ti implement the actions.

The length of time it will take to implement the actions depends on which actions are being implemented as some take longer than others.

In order to implement some actions, we may also require access to the back end of some platforms such as your website, your social media accounts and others.

Analysis & Optimisation

Once the actions have been implemented, at the end of each month, we will gather all the data and analytics from each action. We will use this data to create a monthly report which we will provide to you.

Our industry experts will also analyse the data and analytics provided in order to identify ares which can be optimised in order to receive better results from the actions in the following month.

As well as implementing the optimisation changes, we will also inform you if there are any new actions we feel may benefit your business.

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