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We’ve done our best to answer all the questions before you’ve even thought of them. If there’s something major that we’ve missed, let us know and we’ll get the missing info to you at warp speed.

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Data Technology
  1. What Is Our Pricing Model:

    • At Digital Vineyard Marketing, we understand that every business has a different marketing budget and different marketing needs. Due to this, our pricing model is not one size fits all and instead bespoke per client. We charge an hourly rate and clients pay for our time per hour, depending on the actions required. During our discovery call, we will take the time to really understand what your business may need. Once we have had our discovery call, we will then put together a proposal which will display how many hours each action will take us to complete and we will give you a quote based on our hourly rate. There are ways in which we can make it more affordable for you so do not fear, simply get in touch and get a free quote today.​​

  2. ​How Long Does It take To See Results From A Campaign:​​

    • This depends on the type of campaign and the actions needed for each campaign. In general, SEO typically takes roughly 6 months before you begin to see noticeable changes if you have done SEO before, however if you have not then you should see immediate improvements after 2-3 months. PPC can give you immediate results but the size of the results depends on the amount of ad budget that you put in. Social media actions depend on the content that is used. The more engaging the content, the better the results. There isn't a blanket answer for this question, but as cliche as it may sound, you get out what you put in.​​

  3. What Is Our On-Boarding Process:

    • Discovery Call: We aim to find out about your business needs, how your business operates, your business ethos and what it is exactly that you are looking to gain from working with us as well as identifying what we feel your business is lacking which you may not have been aware of.​​

    • Proposal: We will put together a proposal of all the actions which we feel your business would benefit from. We would then arrange a call with you in order to present the proposal to you and discuss the actions. Not all the actions must be implemented straight away, it is more like a shopping list of actions. From this proposal list, you can then choose which actions you feel you would like to engage with firstly.

    • Quote: Once you have selected the immediate actions you would like us to focus on, we will then put together a quote for those actions and arrange another call with you to go over the quote and aim to make it as affordable for you as we possibly can.

    • Invoice & Contract: Once we have agreed on a quote, an invoice will then be generated which would need to be paid up front before we can begin the marketing actions. A contract agreement will also be drawn up which we would require you to sign in order to confirm you are happy with the terms we have laid out.

    • Marketing Actions: We will then begin to implement all the marketing actions that we have agreed upon for the month, giving you regular updates so you are aware of what is happening through out the month.

    • Reporting & Strategy: Once the campaign month is over, we will collect all the data from the campaign and put it into a report so that you are able to track your results at the end of each campaign month. We will also arrange another call to not only go through the report and discuss the results but also put together the strategy and agree on what marketing actions we will be focusing on for the upcoming month.

  4. Do We Provide Reports On Campaigns:

    • Yes, we can provide you with monthly reports at the end of each campaign month if it is something you require. At the end of each campaign month, we analyse all the data that we have collected through out that campaign month in order to know how to best optimise your campaign for the next month. We can put this data into a readable document and provide you with a report should you require one.​​

  5. What Makes Us Different To Other Digital Marketing Agencies:

    • We take the time to not only understand your business and your business needs but also your business ethos as well as you as a manager and what you require in order to feel happy about our service. All our actions are with your business interests in mind. The success of your business and your happiness is our success.​​

  6. Do We Provide Consulting Services Or Support For In-House Marketing Teams:

    • Yes, if you are simply looking for consultancy or a strategy and support for your in-house marketing team, we are more than happy to work alongside your team and guide them towards reaching your marketing goals.​​

  7. What Is Our Approach On Content Creation:

    • One of our motto's at Digital Vineyard Marketing is that 'Content Is King'. The content you use either on your PPC campaigns, your social media campaigns or even your SEO campaigns will play a huge factor in the success of those campaigns. Our content creation team are well versed in creating written content as well as visual content to meet the necessary needs we may need them for. If you would prefer to create the content yourself, that is also perfectly fine as we can provide you with a best practice guide to support you in creating your own powerful content.​​

  8. Can You Support Me With Services That Are Not Listed On Your Website:

    • Yes, we are very aware that there are more niche marketing actions which some businesses may require as they operate in a more niche market. If you do not see the action you require from us on our website, simply get in contact with us to find out if it is something we can support you with as chances are most likely that we can. To speak to us prior to being on-boarded is COMPLETELY FREE​​.

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